We are very happy to announce our new community Artist Series project that we have launch. We have teamed up with well knows artist from around the world to collaborate on series of juice bottles. The artists will design the bottle and the packaging and has also inspired the juice itself and then Farmhouse makes that inspiration come to life in the form of a nutritious great tasting juice. We are so happy to announce the first artist in this series is Jayson Atienza from New York City.

Jayson Atienza is an award winning visual artist and freelance advertising creative director in Shanghai. He developed his signature painting style at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, and has applied his viral style to an array of non-traditional canvasses in collaboration with brands worldwide for the past decade. 

 In addition to his new limited edition juice with Farmhouse, Jayson’s artwork can be seen throughout Shanghai, including his latest murals at Farmhouse Juice’s shop LINK TO ADDRESS, and at Central Studios. His sneaker collaboration with Bucketfeet.com is also available worldwide. 

To check out his past work with brands including the GAP, Heineken, Chevrolet, Givenchy, Havaianas, Kia, Glamour Magazine, Macy’s, Bloomingdales and more, head to www.jaysonatienza.com/art and instagram: @jaysonatienza

 Jayson says, “Enjoy the juice! Enjoy your life! Boom!”


 It doesn’t end there! For each Art Series bottle you purchase a percentage of the sales will be donated to the Renewal Center. The Renewal Center is this incredible program in Shanghai that caters to less fortunate homeless people giving them a place to shower, wash their clothes, have a warm meal and enjoy activities. A percentage of the proceeds from Farmhouse Juice will go in developing and maintaining an art therapy program within the center and together we are exploring a bottle collection recycling program for Farmhouse Juice customers. 

People come to Shanghai seeking wealth… opportunity… freedom… or an escape. Sadly, many find the city offers no support network and no way out. Concerned for those trapped in poverty, a small group opened the Renewal Center in a city-center storefront in 2008, and we invite you to join us today in reaching the people of Shanghai who are friendless, desperate and displaced.

People come to the Renewal Center looking for basic support, friendship and warmth. Many find that and more, including employment, independence and renewed confidence. With a full-time staff of just four people, the Renewal Center relies on support from donors and partners to offer people essential help on the road to full-time work.

The Renewal Center can become a temporary home to those committed to finding a good job. Those who do settle into employment get help finding a home they can call their own, and support gaining the resources they need to pursue their dreams. We can even help people renew broken relationships with family, and tailor all of our support to what they tell us they need.

Get more involved by making a donation to this incredible organization in need, become a supporting partner and you can also do volunteer work at the Renewal Center. Here you will find all the information you need in helping make a difference. 

Visit The Renewal Center Website