Whats’ so special about Farmhouse Juice?

Once you try it you’ll understand!


Cold-pressed juice is the only process in which juice is crushed then squeezed by hydraulic press with no friction, no heat and no oxygen. Once turned into a mach our imported cold press juice machine from America then closes and applies 2,000 lbs of prssure to extract all the juice from the vegetable and fruit leaving the pulp completely dry. 


100% Raw

Raw or living foods are foods have all their natural enzymes, which are critical in building proteins and rebuilding the body from within. These foods have never gone past 47 degrees Celsius. Our juices have never seen temperatures past 4 Celsius, giving you the most nutrient dense juices possible. 



Our juices are made from all natural produce, we are obsessed in our ongoing mission to find the best fruits from Australia, South Africa, Brazil, United States, Thailand, Philippines. As for our vegetables, what we don’t grow ourselves we carefully sourced throughout all of China from cities like Xinjiang all the way to Yunnan and everywhere in between!


Individual Juices

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  • “Farmhouse Juice is the best juice delivery service I have found in Shanghai. Love that Horchata.”



  • “I feel great after the program. Would recommend it to everyone 🙂 “

  • Quality ingredients and wonderful customer service at the best price in Shanghai. I felt rejuvenated both mentally and physically! Based on my experience, I have encouraged my friends, colleagues and clients to choose Farmhouse Juice.

  • “As workout enthusiasts, my wife and I have incorporated Farmhouse juices into our regular nutrition plan and have seen amazing results. So happy to have Farmhouse in China!”



  • “The thing I love about Farmhouse Juices is that they deliver to your house and the quality is consistently good. I have ordered several times and I’m always pleased with the taste and freshness. Juices are a great way to sneak in vitamins and nutrients when you are too busy to cook! After a week of drinking two juices a day, I feel less tired and more hydrated. My personal favorite is the Green Elixir!”